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I’ve worked for a 4-year private college, community college, and an online university.  I’ve witnessed the pressure students face, the lack of collegiate supports, and the ongoing presumptions institutions make concerning what students know or don’t know. I have a soft spot especially for undecided and first-generation college students.  I am driven to help and empower students.

A quick

A quick anecdote

"What is a credit again? What is a semester?" We, as educators, take it for granted certain terminology. And this was the impetus for the CollegeContours Transfer Resource. Designed to aid first-generation students and those who might need "an introduction" to the wide world of higher education. From Highland Park, IL, I work to remove barriers for these students.

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Values I go

Values I go through


There’s enough rudeness and bullies to go around. In my job and throughout my day, I’m working to showcase kindness and warmth to those around me.  Afterall, who wants to work with an a$$hole?


There have been studies showcasing the effects of humility on learning and combating biases.  In my work, I encourage students, families, and educators to embrace humility when moving forward in their educational and professional endeavors.


I believe a curious mind is a key attribute of a successful student, as well as professional. Especially for those undecided students, lean into this curiosity to explore opportunities for engaging those areas of interest.  


It takes bravery to venture into the unknown, as well as approaching new challenges.  It takes “grit” to overcome various challenges. But! For those accustomed to success with little effort, a challenge can especially be daunting and lead to failed endeavors. Embrace the challenge.  You: be brave.

Be brave, curious, and showcase humility, as “you don’t actually know what your future self wants” (Shankar Vedantam, TED 2022).