High School and college students are undecided on major, college, and career - representing about half of all students. Students are losing one-third of their coursework when transferring colleges. After years of deep experience and practice, I know how to advise students, families, as well as lending a hand to educators nationwide.

College Counseling

I offer College Essay help, as well as a personalized and developmental college counseling program, guiding students through their entire college admission journey.My counseling sessions have helped students from around the world find the “right fit,” both academically and socially.

In partnership with my great friends at Edufit, I bring you "the only customized, online prep program where 89% of students have achieved a 200-point/4-point increase in just 8 weeks of prep time" for the SAT/ACT. Edufit has achieved "4.9/5.0 stars based on over 2000+ reviews across various platforms." Click here or reach out to Brian to learn more about Edufit's offerings!

Research Program

High School Students: work one-on-one with a top university researcher to produce your very own independent research project! Stand out in the College Admissions, getting a jumpstart on college-level research and writing,while also gaining topic expertise, advancing knowledge, AND the potential for earning 3 post-baccalaureate credits. Check out our FAQ for more information.


Wondering how that college credit will transfer?  Let me introduce you to my very own transfer resource, CollegeContours™,an introduction to how AP and current college coursework transfers from one school to another. I will walk you through context and the entire transfer admission process to help on your educational journey.


Which academic major? Which career path? Which college? I specialize in assisting students and professionals in learning more about career interests, inclinations, as well as strengths.There’s no one-size-fits-all in this endeavor, and I’m happy to work with you individually and/or as a family to provide insight and direction.


Hey you, educator, let me help you. I’ve assisted companies and education consultants as they in turn work with clients and/or students to assessstrengths, career moves, academic major “fit,” as well as the complexities of transfer credit evaluation. I leverage the Strong Interest Inventory® and several years of transfer experience to complement your efforts.

What you don't have
to go through

What you don't have to go through

Isolation in the midst of large client numbers
Inaccessible professionals
Huge costs and pricing confusion
Bad advice and lack of direction
What to expect in
working together

What happens if we work together

A personal cheerleader (me) on your journey
Customized advice and insight along the way
A large, growing, network of higher education professionals
Flexibility in scheduling consultations
Some projects I
was involved in

Some projects I was involved in

Want to know more
about my services?

Want to know more about my services?