What Is TRIO And Why Should I Consider This If I’m A First-Generation College Student?

What Is TRIO And Why Should I Consider This If I’m A First-Generation College Student?

Trio For First-Generation College Student

College Contours is here to help you make your college experience become memorable. Not every school can give you the quality education you are looking for. Transferring to a new school that interests you is not easy. We are here to help you every step of the way. If you still do not know what course to take, consider a TRIO program. If you are a first-generation college student, you need help more from an expert. Undecided students will need somebody who can guide them along the way. This is the purpose of College Contours, so contact us today for your inquiries. Get the best resources as you find the best college for your needs.

What Is TRIO?

If you are curious about what TRIO means, it is actually not an acronym. TRIO is about the three original programs funded under Title IV of the Higher Education Act. It is Upward Bound, Educational Talent Search, and Special Services. It became a law in the year 1965 by the Congress. The purpose of the law is to help Americans with low income to enter college so they can graduate. They would also need to contribute to American societal and economic life. There are three programs initially in the program. 

TRIO education benefits aspiring college students with a disadvantaged background. It is actually a great opportunity for every American student. They can attain education regardless of race, ethnic background, or economic circumstance. It helps students overcome class and cultural barriers as they enter college. Learn more about TRiO programs here.

What Is A First-Generation College Student?

Being a first-generation college student would mean that you are the first person in your immediate family to enter college. You need to achieve a bachelor’s degree too.  Family can play a big role in your college journey. They can help you navigate the complex world of college. If they have background knowledge in college, they can assist you better. 

The 8 TRIO Programs

Getting a college education is a privilege nowadays. Finding the right college that will enhance your skills can be challenging too. We want to enjoy our college lives as much as possible. A college that can help you best will make your college experience more enjoyable. Find an area that suits your interest the most. Let us help you with that.

1. Upward Bound

This is the first program established under TRIO. It is for high school students whose families have low incomes. 

2. Talent Search

This is for students with disadvantaged backgrounds. This is for the students who have shown promise in finishing college. 

3. Student Support Services

SSS, or Student Support Services, is a competitive federal grant to higher education institutions. Its aim is to help students complete the basic college requirements. It can create opportunities for the student’s academic development. 

4. Veterans Upward Bound

This program is developed to help veterans. They must learn the important academic skills they need in their future career. These are the skills that high education programs will look for in their application.

5. Education Opportunities Centers

This is for adult students who aim to continue their post-secondary studies. This program can be a bridge to help them with their college admissions.

6. Training Program For Federal Trio Programs

This is a program granted through federal grant competition as well. They use the funds to conduct different conferences and workshops.

7. Ronald E. Mcnair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement Program

This program uses a grant competition to provide funds. It helps potential doctoral students who have disadvantaged backgrounds. 

8. Upward Bound Math-Science

The Upward Bound Math-Science program aims to help secondary students. We want to help students excel in their math and science courses.

The Benefits Of A TRIO Program For Students

1. Scholarship Timeline

If you are a sophomore or junior, you can join workshops to identify your scholarships of interest. Students can take note of the eligibility of every school. They can keep a list of the application requirements and its deadline in advance. Through this, students can create a timeline to manage their applications well. This information is being passed on to the senior education specialist. They keep track of the student’s completion of applications in their senior year. 

2. ACT Program

A curriculum specialist will hold different workshops or boot camps. This will help prepare students for the April LPS ACT exam. It is the student’s responsibility to gather information for available preparatory programs.

3. Department Tours

When the spring semester comes, expect juniors to join at least one departmental tour on a college campus. They can visit the department of their field of interest in small groups. They can meet the faculties and student representatives. It would be a good chance for them to talk with academic advisors of the program too. This will help the student to learn more about the program. Many students start clueless about college. They know a gist about the program but do not know its depths.

4. Being Part Of The Community

By joining a TRIO program, you can be connected with a larger community. You can meet people who enjoy the benefits of what the TRIO program has to offer. You can join welcome programs where you can meet people with different interests. Explore more of the world through TRIO. You can be invited to join the unique events that only TRIO programs can offer. 

5. Easier Access To Advisors

Joining any programs under TRIO can give you easier access to academic advisors. Academic advisors can be helpful in choosing your field of interest. You can build relationships with the staff who are caring and knowledgeable. Expect to receive holistic help while you are trying to navigate the complex world of college. You can adjust better to your collegiate life with the different TRIO programs. 

You can explore more of your graduate school options and other future career choices. TRIO programs can offer free career guidance. Worry less about your future. The TRIO program is here to save the day.

6. Register Your Classes Early

With TRIO programs, you become a priority when the enrollment period comes. You can register before the majority of the students could. This is less hassle for you as a student. You don’t have to tire yourself in long lines. Join a TRIO program today and enjoy the benefits the program brings.

7. Get Access With Learning Workshops

TRIO programs can give you access to different learning workshops. Engage more in workshops where you will learn about various topics. Workshops may include access to scholarships and your options in graduate school. Some workshops will talk about financial literacy. TRIO programs help its students to be ready for the real world. 

8. More Scholarship Opportunities

TRIO programs can give you more access to scholarship opportunities. You won’t miss out on the news for any scholarships that are open. You can find someone who provides a financial aid package. You can take part in the different campus activities. Your access to the scholarship workshop can become an opportunity for you to gain a scholarship. Don’t miss out on any knowledge and opportunities around you. 

9. Get A Space To Work In

TRIO programs usually have work centers to offer. This is a place where you can relax while waiting for your next class. You can also use a small computer that is lab equipped. They usually have color copiers and free printing capabilities.

10. Interacting With Peers Through Mentoring

TRIO programs become a gateway for more interactions. You can build new relationships and meet new friends. You can explore more career options as you learn from people inside the program. You can also receive leadership training from your peers. 

11. A Paid Employment Opportunity

You can apply as an Academic Mentor during fall semesters by joining a TRIO program. You can guide incoming freshmen. You can also apply as a Program Mentor to handle events. A semester wouldn’t go to waste with a TRIO program on your side.

12. Develop Your Leadership Skills

As you meet different people in the program, you will learn the art of leadership. You can be a mentor and tutor other students. It can be those who are new to the program or those who are interested. You can plan co-curricular activities that will enhance your skills.


13. Receiving Academic Support

The different TRIO programs actually have a lot to offer. You can learn the strategies to help master course content. You can receive content on tutoring for classes that you find difficult. You can also receive referrals and other resources on campus. TRIO programs offer campus tutoring options that you can only enjoy while in the program. 

Believe it or not, many notable people became successful because of the TRIO program. There’s no harm in trying. As they say, always make the most out of it. If you are worrying about your future, worry less now. College Contours got you. If you still haven’t found your college of interest, explore it with us. Contact College Contours at (224) 507-8291 or by sending us an email. Find your resources as you find the right college for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Constitutes A First-Generation College Student?

Being a first-generation student means that your parent(s) did not complete a four-year college or university degree, regardless of other family members' education level. Older siblings and family members who went to college may be valuable resources as you embark on your college journey!

Why Is It Important To Be A First-Generation College Student?

First-generation students can also help other low-income and marginalized students by breaking down barriers. They offer encouragement and guidance to other students adjusting to college life. First-generation students are agents of change on their campuses and in their communities. 

What Do First-Generation College Students Require To Be Successful?

  • Accept your identity, find your community, and utilize all the resources. 
  • Get out of your comfort zone.
  • Make the most of office hours. 
  • Be frugal with your money.
  • Speak up for yourself. 

Why Do First-Generation Students Have An Advantage?

Lower levels of curricular and extracurricular involvement among first-generation and lower-income students may be related to the fact that many of them must work a paying job for more hours per week than their privileged peers. They are also less likely to take courses in humanities and arts.